Trusting in Turbulence

Turbulence can be either terrifying or exhilarating.

You are already in the air, unnatural in of itself, and the plane starts bumping. The wings shift, and your brain sounds the alarm as your balance is thrown completely awry. Then, for a few seconds you are convinced the plane is plummeting, as your sense scream that you are hurtling down to the ground. Continue reading

The Insanity of the Incarnation

Have you ever thought about how shocking, even scandalous Jesus is? Not even necessarily what He said or what He did. Just the very idea of Jesus Himself. The Incarnation is utterly incomprehensible.

Imagine if you were the richest, most powerful business-man in the world. Solely because you loved the ants, no, something worse than that, mosquitos, would you consent to become one? Continue reading

When God Isn’t Enough

That seems wrong, doesn’t it? How dare I say such a thing! God is the omnipotent, omnipresent, all-knowing, all-good Lord of all. He keeps the universe twirling, the waves roaring, and the atoms together, and I think He can’t deal with my problems? How presumptuous am I to think that He can’t fulfil my wants and needs!

And yet, we live this way. Continue reading