Trusting in Turbulence

Turbulence can be either terrifying or exhilarating.

You are already in the air, unnatural in of itself, and the plane starts bumping. The wings shift, and your brain sounds the alarm as your balance is thrown completely awry. Then, for a few seconds you are convinced the plane is plummeting, as your sense scream that you are hurtling down to the ground.

But in reality, you’re not.

In fact, I know that turbulence isn’t a massive deal, and that the pilot has probably gone through this a million times. I can reasonably assume he is well-trained, and has everything under control.

Yet I could be even more confident in the pilot’s abilities, if it was my dad flying the plane. Instead of just hoping the airline has well-trained pilots, I know my father has years of experience, is adept at controlling the airplane, and deeply desires the best for everyone on board. I know all this because I know him personally.

So, I can allow my body’s feelings to terrify me, or look at them as an exhilarating rush, an engaging deviation from the boring constancy of the flight, a chance to move my prayers from “Dear God, please keep the plane up!” to worshiping Him.

Now, not immensely trusting the pilot and being frightened by air turbulence isn’t inherently wrong. But sometimes I’m tempted to not trust God to pilot me through the turbulence of life.

Transferring between different stages of life, things go wrong, your world gets tilted,, your balance is uncertain, and you can be awakened from your dreams by the cold water of reality. Sometimes it feels like your plane is stalling for a few seconds, and you have no idea how to bring the nose up.

But God is in control.

He has dealt with every situation that has ever arisen, nothing ever surprises Him or catches Him off-guard. In fact, He had this all planned.

He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and wants the best for His children. I can know all this because I can know Him personally.

So I can allow the shifts and insanity of this world to terrify me, or I can look at them as an exciting opportunity to grow, a chance to excel over the normalness of life, and a chance to move both my prayers and my walk closer to Jesus.

I can choose to look at turbulence as either terrifying, or exhilarating.


[This is one of several Facebook posts I wanted to save somewhere I could keep them]




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