Acorn Treasure


Little kids are some of the silliest creatures. And sometimes also the wisest.

I’ve recently started working with some preschoolers, and for part of the day they play out on the playground. The majority of the time, they’re running shrieking from the ‘monster’, with their tousled hair and wide grin peeking over the edge of playground as they beg me to come catch them. But eventually their energy (somewhat) runs out, and I can convince them to sit down and give themselves (and I) a break. And so they sit, in the oddest-looking positions, digging and dumping mulch on their little jeans and cowboy boots. And in their rummaging, they find something.

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Loving Mondays: Unworthy Royalty



I always wanted to be a princess.

I’m sure every little girl does. Long gowns and longer balls, that always sounded lovely to me. Palaces, ponies, but best of all, the prince. That wonderful being who would see me in the midst of my mundane life, woo me for his own, and carry me off to be cherished forever. Didn’t sound too bad to 10-year old (ok, who are we kidding, 14-year old) me. Continue reading

Faithfulness Fridays: Prayer and the High Priest

We’re not alone.

Do you know that? We don’t call out to an empty sky. Our prayers don’t bounce off the ceiling. We have One Who hears when we call upon Him.

And He doesn’t just hear, He understands.

It’s hard for us fully empathize with other people in different situations. As Americans, we know others live in extreme poverty in other nations. But it often doesn’t register. We don’t really understand, don’t really empathize. Until we actually go, actually see. We haven’t seen the thousands of apartments sardined together in stifling streets; nor the eerily silent rows of orphans, babies who have stopped crying because no one answers. We don’t know because we haven’t been there. Continue reading

Loving Mondays: Reclaiming (Garden) Ruins

Left to itself, a garden becomes a disaster.

Plants start sprawling out of their cages. Bugs infest, leaving only holes and webs of leaves behind. Fruit sits forgotten, slowly rotting until it falls to the ground. All available (and unavailable) space is crowded up with weeds. And not nice weeds, mind you. Big, towering, ugly weeds, with roots going a mile deep and thorns an inch long. Basically, a giant mess, not even worthy of the name garden, except for the fact that there are a few persistent tomatoes hanging on to life in this dystopian world of plants.

Until a gardener comes in.

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Don’t Win the Gold, Walk on It

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a bit of a sporting event that’s been on lately. A big sporting event. A great, big, wonderful, crazy, exciting event of hundreds of different sports all at the same time showcasing a million different skills and the site of a thousand different stories. In short, the Olympics.

Our family always enjoys watching the whole thing (although our DVR might not be quite as appreciative) always cheering and shouting loudly to the athletes. (Yes, I know they can’t actually hear me. But obviously my moral support helps them somehow!) Continue reading

Loving Mondays: Down time

Today’s blog post: God still loves you when your tired, when you need a break, and when you’ve been running around everywhere. When your hair is a frizzled mess, when all you want to do is sit and eat chocolate, and when you really need to shower. He still sees us just as beautiful, just as loved, just as precious. So don’t stress about it. He made rest for a reason.

And sometimes it’s ok to just sit on the couch with your family, eating M&M’s and watching the Olympics in your pj’s.

Because we are always secure in His love.

Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the LORD hath dealt bountifully with thee. (Psalm 116:7)

Faithfulness Fridays: Facades and Forgiveness


My life is a lie.

At least, it can be. We live in a modern age, where our lives are constantly seen and judged by our ‘friends’. But with the age of technology comes the ability to be more fake. We’ve always been able to fool others to some extent, but think of the new abilities photo-shop and the edit button have now given us. Do you know how hard I can work to make others think I am smart, I’m funny, I’m lovely, I’m deep? I have literally spent a day planning a “spontaneous” funny post.

Because like everyone else, I want to put my best self forward.

Even if that self isn’t me.

Because what you never see in Instagram photos is me losing my temper. What you never see on YouTube is me snapping at my siblings. What you never read on Facebook is me turning to my idols of relationships, security, and comfort for my needs. You don’t see the sinfulness — the sinful mess — that is me.

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Better Than a Fairytale Act 2: Overwhelmed by Beauty

I actually wrote this post a while ago. But I didn’t publish it. I didn’t want to. Because life didn’t seem beautiful. It didn’t seem lovely. But even when everything seems cold and dark and crazy, God still brings beautifulness into the most broken parts of life. He can bring out good from all things. And as my Mom reminded me, with the world as crazy as it is, we need to look for the beauty. We need to be reminded of God’s constant blessing in our lives. So I’m reminding myself of the loveliness of life, and the beauty of the One Who made it.

Last time we discussed how the trials of life can be greater than that of fairy-tales. Yet, though the dangers and foes may be more intense, so also is the joy, the beauty.

Remember the last time you read a description of a place so beautiful, you had to pause, close your eyes, and imagine it. Was it Lothlorien? Or Cair Paravel? Continue reading

Loving Mondays: Sons of God

Sonship is only possible through a father. And the quality of a child’s position depends immensely on the quality of the father.

Not everyone has been blessed with a wonderful father, but I have. I adore my mom and him so much. He listens earnestly and patiently as I talk all about life to him, and then talks just as much with me, giving me wisdom and advice. Being silly together is our specialty, singing crazy ditties and dancing crazy dances. And though there are a million reasons I love our relationship, little can compare to being wrapped in a tight, warm hug, listening to his heartbeat close to my ear. He may still be human, but when I am with him I know that I am safe, that I am loved.

And because of God’s love, we have an even greater Father in Him Continue reading