Your Job Is to Work, Watch, and Wonder


(As featured on the Rebelution)


Have you heard it? Scattered all throughout the New Testament, this whisper, this call, this command? Almost every time Jesus gives us a taste of the end-times, it’s there, echoing again and again through the other noises.

Because, honestly, there’s a lot of other clamor going on. There’s the ever-pounding drum of wars and rumors of wars. There’s the ominous hiss of false christs rising up. There’s the great cry of the sun going out, the moon going black, and the stars tumbling down from their perches.

And though some of that is reserved solely for the very end of the story, already around us we see the rising. The fear, the hate, the violence — rumors of wars? Why, there are wars going on that we only hear rumors of.

It’s coming. That great disaster, that great calamity, the days of vengeance. (Luke 21:22) And though I believe that the Church will not have to endure those days of God’s wrath poured out on the unrepentant world, we know life here will only get worse before it gets better. We know that we will still suffer great things. We been told that it’s all coming. (John 15:18-20, Mat 24:9)

So what should we do? Stockpile our guns, go off the grid, and build underground bunkers? Should we gather our forces and sally out against our foes, fighting fire with fire? Has Jesus given us a strategic-forces lay-out for attack, or at least the map to a hidden cave to stay safe from all the world is throwing at us?


No Ak-57’s, no MRE’s, no hidden bunkers. That’s not what He’s given us. That’s not what He tells us to do.

He simply commands us: Watch.

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