Analogies and Focus

Analogies and Focus

Analogies are interesting, almost alive things, that don’t always lead the direction you thought they would go.

We were driving home from our Spring Break vacation, when I was intrigued by the focusing of the human eye. I could watch the cars ahead drone and thread themselves together, ignoring the bug-splatters and papers-in-the-dash-reflections covering the window, to the point that I didn’t realize they were there. I could push all those aside and forget them. But a camera wouldn’t. I can let my eyes follow the individual flowers flying past on the side easily (albeit eventually with a headache) or let them all blur together as I observe the giant windmills solemnly turn. And I can switch between the two of them at any moment. But not a camera. I can turn all my focus on the moon, letting it look so big and become the center of all my attention. But a camera doesn’t.

And the funny thing was, my original direction with this analogy was something quite different. My original thought in the car was mulling over how man can see things differently, see through much of this world because we are not of it. Of how as an amphibian-of-flesh-and-Spirit we can perceive the important things that simple flesh, material, cameras cannot. Which is a nice thought, an interesting philosophy idea to mull over.

But that’s not where this ended up going.

Because I honestly didn’t keep up very well with my Bible reading while in Corpus. Yes, it’s hard when your usual schedule is early in the morning and evenings and you’re sharing a room with others with different sleep needs, but I still didn’t make it a priority. And now I see where I was going wrong.

When I got home last night, I was tired, not only from a long car ride, but also from a long fast from what I needed. I was hungry. I needed His Word, so when I finally opened it up I soaked in several chapter, and looked up realizing how much I had missed it.

Because when I walk through life without the lenses of His word, my sight gets skewed. My focus gets off. I can get caught up in watching the others around me, in looking only at tiny details, or in letting one thing grow into the object of all my focus. But not His Word. It doesn’t ignore the problems. It doesn’t allow itself to be side-tracked by every little thing. It doesn’t allow the things of the world to outshine everything else.

Left to myself, I can blind myself to my errors, but the camera of God’s word sees it all and rightly shows all the dirty bugs and crumbs.

His Word shows me who I really am in myself — flawed, prideful, sinful. But His Word shows me who I really am in Him — perfect, holy, beloved. It’s when I lose my sight, when I lose my focus that I get off track, both in my life and my analogies.

But His Word can renew my sight again.



I hope all of you ladies and gentlemen had a wonderful Spring Break and safe travels! (Isn’t it amusing how I got my first actual spring break after I graduated, since now I work with school children, so it’s my week off? 😀 Homeschooler problems…) Now that we’re back home, your regularly-scheduled program should be back in gear this week!

Do you have any advice on how to stay consistent with your spiritual disciplines while on vacations? Let me know!


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7 thoughts on “Analogies and Focus

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  2. Oh yes, this is one of the bad things about vacations. >.< (Not that I hate vacations! It's just that it is harder to stay in the word when I get out of my routine, and especially when you're trying to share a hotel room with brothers and parents too… Reading while I eat breakfast helps, though). I hope you had a lovely spring break, however! Did you go to the beach again?

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    • During breakfast, that’s a good idea! Yes, we did, and Xander was much more into the waves and sand this time — to the point that he’s trying to run deep into the water! 😀 A true Navy Ingalls that kid is!

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  3. That’s so true! I needed that reminder to stay on track–I give myself way too many excuses for not spending time with God. Thanks for the encouragement! 😀

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