New Year’s! Remembering 2017


We’re officially closer to 2030 than we are to 2000. That’s disconcerting.

Happy New Year! (*balloons, confetti*) Here at the beginning of this new year, I wanted to take a quick break from our regular seriousness to chat with you guys. Because it’s been a while since we’ve talked. So let’s sit down together on the couch with our coffee (and me with my hot chocolate) and reminisce about our year together.

(Actually, how about you sit on your couch and I’ll sit on mine, not because of the limits of technology, but because I am currently quarantined to my room coughing my lungs out. Hence the lighter tone of this, because I start spouting nonsense when I’m tired. But somehow very logical nonsense. Anyways.)


2017 was a big writing year for me. I became a regular contributor for the Rebelution. I was asked to join TCB’s writing team. I wrote 52 articles in 52 weeks. (Though being honest, that number was made by doing several in one week and none for two months.) But perhaps the one accomplishment that makes me inordinately happy is the fact that I just realized that Seeing Everything Else has a very suitable acronym, which I shall now use to make my life easier in so many ways. Because Seeing Everything Else is a mouthful, but SEE is nice and manageable. And ties in really well. And was completely unplanned. So yes, it makes me happy.

There’s also a lot of new faces. And when I say a lot, I mean SEE just hit over 200 followers before 2018. (Thank you guys, you’re amazing!) So I don’t know as many of you as well as I’d like. But I want to. What are you learning right now? How are you growing? What’s God been teaching you? Who do you think is the best Avenger? (It’s Cap, by the way.) Comment, shoot me an email, let me know!


2017 was just a very big year for me generally too. I thought this would be a year of quietness, a year of waiting. So I was prepared for that. But God surprised me. I had some massive events and privileges, such as

  • Being a moderator for the National Bible Bee Participant Community. (If you’ve never heard of Bible Bee, you should really get involved. You can find out more at, once they finish redoing the site.)
  • Acting in a short film Based on the Sir Kendrick book by Chuck Black, it actually won his video contest, and is entered in the Christian Worldview Film Festival! You can watch it here
  • Staffing at Summit (Which you can read more about here and here because I love Summit and would write about it all the time if I could.)
  • Going to Florida. Right after a hurricane. It was pretty.
  • Helping Staff the 2017 National Bible Bee Competition. Personally being in charge of 120 12-to-15-year olds who are all high on the adrenaline and stress of this massive competition? Challenge accepted. It was amazing, and I made some wonderful friends and memories. And lived on far too little sleep.

Though looking back, each opportunity seems momentous; at the time, none of them seemed to be big jumps or uncommon. They felt like natural little steps out, little bits of seeing where God will lead. The logical turn in following the path of quiet faithfulness. I was paralyzed last year by the fear of the future. But I experienced that He can bring beauty out of the unknown. So I’m adventuring off into this new year, knowing that He can continue to do the same.


*Insert obligatory reasons on why I’m sharing my writing again* But for those of you who haven’t been around for a while (or those of us who just need a refresher) here’s some of my favorite posts from this last year:


I read quite a bit this year, as I attempted Tim Challies’ book challenge. I tried the 52 books in a year, and while I came so very close — well, I actually just wrote a blog post about this, so rather than run the risk of repeating myself, I’ll insert a “to be continued” here to add hype. *announcer voice* Look for a new article, coming soon!

How was your 2017? What did God teach you? What adventures did you have? What are your goals for 2018?

And Happy New Year from Seeing Everything Else!


12 thoughts on “New Year’s! Remembering 2017

  1. Belle, I recently began following your site. I love your blog! It’s refreshing to see a well put together site with well written posts.
    I’m looking forward to reading more this year should the Lord allow. Thanks for your hard work in your writing and for all you do, keep being faithful in everything all for the glory of Christ.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Zachary, welcome! Thank you for your kind words! It’s always wonderful to meet another fellowlaborer in Christ, especially when he’s doing His work through the written word! May we run harder after Him this next year!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Of course you’re logical when you get tired 😀 I can totally testify to that! 2017 was such a blessing of a year in so many ways, one of which was getting to spend a week with you at NBB! I really appreciated your “dear younger me” article and the in-person version we got to have that one night too 🙂 Thanks for shining for Jesus and showing us how to be crazy for Him!

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    • “Everything I say is very sensible, it just gets to its sense in a very round about away.” 😂 It was such a privilege getting to serve with you! Thank you for being an example for me!


  3. Thank you for sharing this, Belle! I’m so glad I got to be one of those 12-15-year-olds, high on adrenaline and stress (and let’s not forget lack of sleep and the giddyness of seeing friends), so I got to meet you! You were an awesome Division Guide. =)
    And I so enjoyed watching the Arrethtrae short-flim you acted in! You were lovely in it. =)
    I’ve been very blessed by several of your articles this past year; thank you for continually seeking Jesus and encouraging us to do the same.
    Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m very glad you were one of them too, because that means I got to be your Division Guide! You guys were the best.
      Thank you, and thank you for your words of encouragement! Keep running after Jesus!


  4. Happy New Year! I love your heart & your willingness to share over this past year. It’s been a pleasure to read along – can’t wait to see what 2018 looks like as God continues to use you! ❤

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