Big Announcements! (Blog Swap and Proud Sister)

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A new post? On a Monday? What madness is this? Is all the world gone amiss?

Nonsense. Never fear my good readers, we’ll get back to the regularly-scheduled programming soon, I just wanted to keep you in the loop of some new developments!

1: A New Guest Post

The lovely Katherine Forester and I are guest posting on each other’s blog this week, which I shall dub blog-swapping because I need a succinct way to describe it and inventing words is fun. Katherine is an amazing word-smith, truth-weaver, and friend. She’s an editor for the Rebelution, and currently working on a big project; so you should definitely go subscribe to keep up with her.

You can read my post Live Like You’re Not Afraid of Dying over on her blog, and while you’re there, take a look around! It’ll be worth your time.

So often in the back of my head I can find the thought, “Yes, being with Jesus is all you’ll ever want. But you’ll never feel your breath catch as the man you adore gets on one knee in front of you. So maybe — it won’t be all you’ve ever wanted.

Yes, being with Jesus is all you’ll ever want. But you’ll never hold your kids, singing them lullabies and reading them your favorite stories and helping them get ready to go off into the world. So maybe — it won’t be all you’ve ever wanted.

Yes, being with Jesus is all you’ll ever want. But you’ll never see your dream grow to fruition, blessing hundreds of people; and you’ll never go on random road trip adventures, laughing with your friends as the wind whips your hair; and you’ll never taste and feel and see all the sights and sounds you’ve always wanted to. So maybe — it won’t be all you’ve ever wanted.”

We hear the maybes in our mind, echoes from the first one in the garden, whispering, “Did God really say?”

But they’re lies.

No, it won’t be all we’ve ever wanted. It’ll be more.

(And keep an eye out for a guest post by her coming this week!)

2: Post on the Rebelution (But It’s Not By Me)

So there’s this guy.

And he’s amazing and funny and talented and loves “talking about Jesus, because He’s the thing most worth talking about.”

And I love him and am honored to call him my brother.

Somewhat jokingly this last December, Ben said that his resolution was to start writing and to get published on the Rebelution.

By January 2nd he had submitted his first article ever.

On January 4th The Rebelution had accepted it for publication.

To say I’m a proud sister might be a bit of an understatement. Apparently the writing genes of the Ingalls run strong. (I’m currently musing over the possibilities of a family site titled Little Blog on the Prairie.) Ben has an eye for analogies, and has been teaching in children’s ministry for over a quarter of his life. Go read his post Love Your Enemies by Understanding Them, and leave him a comment letting him know what you thought!

“There were things they agreed on, and things they didn’t. Unfortunately, they never found out what those things were because neither of them asked.”

“So, how do we love our enemies? We love them enough to take the time to ask questions and learn about what they believe. We love them enough to put ourselves in their shoes. We love them in the same way Christ loved us. We do our best to understand them the way Jesus came and understood us.”


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