The Beauty of Paradox: Guest Post on the Rebelution

The BeautyofParadox

Slime and Beauty. Not two words we would usually associate together.

Because slime is gooey and sticky and messy and bleck. But you know what, I saw beauty in it. I caught a glimpse of the delight of paradoxes the other day.

The rain steadily drummed off the porch, constraining the energy of the kindergarteners inside. But taking such simple ingredients as cornstarch and water, a magical portal was opened from this grey world into a new one — one full of green and yellow and pink and blue slime.

Delighted, powdery-whitened arms and hands mixed and mixed until they made a new discovery. It was hard — and wet! When they forcibly dug it up, crushing it between their chubby fingers, it was solid, hard. But after a few moments of inactivity it would melt away, escaping through the cracks of their fingers. (The scientific name for this actually is oobleck, or a non-newtonian fluid.)

It changed, it didn’t stay the same, it was confusing, a paradox! And they were ecstatic. This was the most fun they had ever had. I tried to explain to them, in their terms of course, the science and reason why. But what good are words and explanations when you have hands, touch, and movement already assaulting all your senses with delight? They didn’t really care why. They were just amazed, just thrilled, just delighted that it does.

And I wonder sometimes if in wanting too hard to just know, to just completely understand, to analyze until there are no more paradoxes — we kill our joy. Perhaps not understanding can be the most wonderful beauty of all.

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Clean Hands in a Muddy World


I should not have been working to dig holes in the mud this weekend.

Why? Let me explain.

Reason Number One: It was Sunday, my only day off after a very long week of child-wrangling, dumpling-folding, pan-scrubbing, house-decluttering, food-prepping, and word-working. As a family we had decided to do nothing all day besides church, with no other work going on.

Reason Number Dos: We had no plans for working outside in the yard. At all. All the fence-posts have been in for ages, nothing needs to be planted in the front yard, no one mows this time of year, there are no mesquite trees to evict, and it’s not even time for me to clear out my garden for next year! (Well, technically it probably is, but I’m going to pretend it’s not) Nothing involving shovels, gloves, or holes should have been going on.

And finally, Reason Number III, (which is truly and honestly the only real, actual reason on this list that isn’t just me being dramatic for the sake of story-telling): There shouldn’t have been any mud.

Literally, there should be no mud in our yard. Continue reading

Acorn Treasure


Little kids are some of the silliest creatures. And sometimes also the wisest.

I’ve recently started working with some preschoolers, and for part of the day they play out on the playground. The majority of the time, they’re running shrieking from the ‘monster’, with their tousled hair and wide grin peeking over the edge of playground as they beg me to come catch them. But eventually their energy (somewhat) runs out, and I can convince them to sit down and give themselves (and I) a break. And so they sit, in the oddest-looking positions, digging and dumping mulch on their little jeans and cowboy boots. And in their rummaging, they find something.

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Loving Mondays: Unworthy Royalty



I always wanted to be a princess.

I’m sure every little girl does. Long gowns and longer balls, that always sounded lovely to me. Palaces, ponies, but best of all, the prince. That wonderful being who would see me in the midst of my mundane life, woo me for his own, and carry me off to be cherished forever. Didn’t sound too bad to 10-year old (ok, who are we kidding, 14-year old) me. Continue reading

Better Than a Fairytale Act 2: Overwhelmed by Beauty

I actually wrote this post a while ago. But I didn’t publish it. I didn’t want to. Because life didn’t seem beautiful. It didn’t seem lovely. But even when everything seems cold and dark and crazy, God still brings beautifulness into the most broken parts of life. He can bring out good from all things. And as my Mom reminded me, with the world as crazy as it is, we need to look for the beauty. We need to be reminded of God’s constant blessing in our lives. So I’m reminding myself of the loveliness of life, and the beauty of the One Who made it.

Last time we discussed how the trials of life can be greater than that of fairy-tales. Yet, though the dangers and foes may be more intense, so also is the joy, the beauty.

Remember the last time you read a description of a place so beautiful, you had to pause, close your eyes, and imagine it. Was it Lothlorien? Or Cair Paravel? Continue reading